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Through our consulting contracts, business leadership seminars, and strategy and growth publications, we have helped hundreds of companies realize the business potential in environmental and public issues, enhance stakeholder and investor relations, and position themselves better in the marketplace.

Consulting Team Videos

Meet the Advisors Who Will Help
Your Firm’s Managers and Leaders
Succeed by Doing More With Less

Bruce Piasecki

Demo tape of lectures and interviews by Bruce Piasecki, founder & president of AHC Group, Inc., business consultant, lecturer, and bestselling author of Doing More With Less.

[Read Bruce’s Bio...]

A. Dwight Bedsole

AHC Group senior associate A. Dwight Bedsole discusses how the accumulated real-world professional expertise of the group’s consultants help their corporate clients prosper in their business by learning how to do more with less.

[Read Dwight’s Bio...]

Ken Strassner

AHC Group senior associate Ken Strassner discusses how leadership training is a good example of “doing more with less” by maximizing corporate resources.

[Read Ken’s Bio...]

Steve Willis

AHC Group senior associate Steve Willis discusses how Whirlpool in India, with the forced frugality of its economy, taught him about truly effective business recycling, such that nothing was wasted and companies were able to extract value from everything.

[Read Steve’s Bio...]

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