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Objectives and Scope

Corporate Consulting Group is ideally positioned to help promising leaders from your organization achieve the essential skills needed to manage at the highest level.

Training Objectives

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Near-future Training

The Art & Science of Cultivating Competencies

There is a set of core competencies that the next
generation of business managers needs to master.

Corporate Consulting Group is ideally positioned to help promising leaders from your organization achieve the essential skills needed to manage at the highest level. If you believe that existing internal mentoring and training programs meet most of your succession and review needs — but more focused development could be helpful — please contact us today at (518) 583-9615.

Our AHC Group Senior Associates each have years of experience at major companies as leaders of their EHS and Sustainability programs.

The real-world experience of our Senior Associates includes:

  • development and delivery of corporate-wide and global training programs on policies and specific technical subjects;
  • managing and facilitating internal benchmarking sessions;
  • focused process improvement workshops; and
  • individual mentoring for high-potential employees.

Objectives of the AHC Group Training Institute

For the sponsoring companies:

  • To strengthen the capabilities of the strongest Energy, Product, and Environment Sustainability practitioners, and others who are or may become involved in this area, to achieve breakthrough performance for their companies.
  • To help ensure successful compliance with the aggressive performance targets set by the company.
  • To emphasize the need to measure and articulate the business value of sustainability initiatives to senior leaders and others within the company, as well as to external audiences.

For the participants:

  • To continue development of knowledge and leadership skills necessary for employees to make greater contributions to their company, and to perform at their maximum potential.

Scope of Training

This training curriculum will offer one- or two-day sessions at least twice a year over three years. Some companies may cherry-pick from the individual sessions, depending on their needs. Maximum benefit for the sponsoring companies and the individual participants will come from involvement in the full three-year program.

Between sessions, the participants will apply the knowledge they have learned in the sessions to undertake meaningful projects on the job, as well as assignments within the group participating in the training program. The AHC Group Coaches will work with the participants between sessions on a one-on-one basis and with the participants as a group, to discuss individual and team assignment, and situations encountered on the job that relate to the training sessions.

The Coaches will also hold discussions periodically with the participant and his/her company mentor to establish measurable goals to ensure that the program participant is making appropriate progress.

Suggestions for the Sponsoring Company

To achieve maximum effectiveness, the sponsoring company should assign an internal mentor (not necessarily that participant’s supervisor), to counsel and guide the employee in matters relating to the training program, and to team with the AHC Group Coach to assure that satisfactory progress related to the training program is being achieved.

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