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Case #3: Workshops

“Six years ago, key leaders at BP invited me to visit them at their headquarters. BP executives were everywhere, from the libraries to nearly every place I dined. They had their own articulate drivers to take me around, with public safety standards that went way beyond a Texas seatbelt. What went so wrong, then, in a mere 72 months?”

— Bruce Piasecki
from The Full Costs of BP’s Mistakes: The Advent of
“Avatar Environmentalists”

Case Three:

Leadership Workshops

Achieving Results Executive Workshop Agenda

Sample Workshop Agenda
(click to download)

Our Track Record

Across more than 20 years, the AHC Group has held a variety of summits for leadership exchange, which we call our Corporate Affiliates Program. As a key part of this effort, we organize and facilitate two biannual Achieving Results Workshops per year. (For a sample workshop agenda from 2012 featuring 18 speakers, click here.)

Lately, we have taken this knowledge base and applied it to focused training areas, such as:

  • Workshops on Understanding Reputation
    We take the view that business reputation is a three-legged stool. Here we coach participants on mastering the three core elements of building and maintaining reputation: operational excellence, transparency of disclosure, and selective engagement.
  • Workshops on Emerging Corporate Issues
    Here we offer specialty knowledge and training on topics such as “Answering the Climate Change Challenge”; “Site Remediation and the Art of Risk Reduction”; “Emerging Issues Mapping and Developing Internal Capacity”; and “Stakeholder Engagement.”

New Services in Stakeholder Awareness Training and Internal Response Teamwork

Over the past few years, the AHC Group has developed a series of special senior management mapping and alert tools on the social networks and other movements that are rapidly influencing and altering the behavior of leaders in the corporate mansion.

Since 2010, we have also run annual Stakeholder Awareness and Response workshops in San Francisco with our Corporate Affiliate, Future 500, enrolling leaders from firms as consequential as Disney, PSEG, Exxon, Chevron, Conoco, Shell, Suncor, FMC, Freeport, and others.

Why do senior management awareness alerts in this new world of stakeholder engagement and social networks matter to corporate strategy and product positioning?

First and foremost, it is because the world of 24/7 media coverage has surrounded the corporate mansion, gathered at the windows and doors, and trained the unblinking eye of its portable cameras on everything that goes on inside. For example, as recently as December 2012, the front page of the New York Times Business Section featured a story on why students are working with to have their endowments discuss the best ways to divest from investments in oil companies; while at the same time, North America is experiencing a significant renascence in domestic natural gas production.

Conflicts such as this occur daily and are growing in impact. Business leaders ignore them at their peril.

Knowledge = Power

AHC Group’s newly refined training services — involving the majority of our Senior Associates and attorneys in the Group — are designed to help corporate leaders and senior management not only understand but also effectively respond to these new swift and severe influences on their business destiny.

An example of one such influence affecting business can be seen in this brief article about the BP oil spill and the advent of the “avatar environmentalist,” which visitors to our website can download for free in PDF format:

The Full Costs of BP’s Mistakes: The Advent of “Avatar Environmentalists”

The Advent of Avatar Environmentalists

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