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January 18–19, 2017

Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort
Phoenix, AZ

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Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak

The New Way to Winning

Doing More With Teams

Bruce Piasecki’s latest business book, Doing More With Teams, lays out a solid set of principles for productive teamwork that generates wealth.

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“Bruce Piasecki might well be the most interesting writer in the field of business today, in large part because he brings the perspective of a humanist with broad literary training to the table, as in this compelling book about working in teams.”

— Jay Parini
Author of The Last Station

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Helping Future Corporate Leaders Develop Management Skills Needed to Compete at the Highest Levels

Corporate Consulting Group is positioned to help promising leaders from your firm achieve the essential skills needed to manage at the highest level. If you believe that existing internal mentoring and training programs meet most of your succession and review needs — but more focused development could be helpful — please contact us today.


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Since 1981, our general management-consulting firm, headquartered outside Saratoga Springs, New York, has specialized in the critical areas of corporate governance consulting, energy and environmental strategy, product innovation, sustainability, and near-future training for organizations.

Through our consulting contracts, business leadership seminars, and strategy and growth publications, we have helped hundreds of companies realize the business potential in environmental and public issues, enhance stakeholder and investor relations, and position themselves better in the marketplace.

To learn more about our core client services, see these examples of three classic consulting assignments that we are known for:

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